Meal Replacement Drink recipe

Let’s start by differentiating a Protein Drink, Energy Drink and Meal Replacement Drink.

Protein Drink – Contains The Macronutrient Protein.  Four (4) calories per gram.  Most products offer 100 calorie servings – powder or pre mixed carton. Protein is used by the body for tissue repair.  For example to rebuild muscle tissue.  It is a VERY poor source of energy.

Energy Drink – Contains mostly Sugar.  Which is a FORM of Macronutrient Carbohydrate and a Stimulant of some sort … usually Caffeine or Vit B12.  Four (4) calories per gram.  Carbohydrates are the MOST misunderstood and misrepresented Macro ~ I’ll address this in another article. Carbs are used by the body for energy.  Carbs are basically broken down into Complex and Simple.  Complex Carbs are assimilated and broken down by the body slowly.  Releasing energy gradually, with a slow release of Insulin.  Simple Carbs are assimilated much faster and create a faster release of Insulin.

Meal Replacement Drink – Contains Protein, Complex and a small amount of simple carbs, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals. As the name suggests these are great for people on the go to supplement a meal and they make a great Post Workout meal (within 45 min after workout).  Most on the market provide the body with all the major Macros in a % ratio of P/C/F – 55 / 30 / 15.

There are good pre packaged powders available on the market – However, I’m going to share a recipe with you that is cheaper to make and can be adjusted to your taste.

Ingredients – Protein … powder or small carton of protein, Carb … 1/3 cup dry oatmeal and 1 Teaspoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter. 6-10 oz almond milk or 2% milk, 4-6 oz water and crushed ice (optional).

Blend all the liquids, add nut butter then add dry ingredients. Drink immediately or store in fridge or cooler for later! A few of my clients bring theirs and put in the fridge at the gym and drink after their workouts.


“Dare To Believe”

Damian Fisher





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