Change From The Inside … Out

We’re approaching the time of year when I see an uptick in the amount of people who want to change their bodies and maybe their lifestyles … immediately !

Lasting change occurs slowly and gradually.  Adopting a new lifestyle that you can maintain; is a process.

So often, new clients are impatient because I don’t make the huge drastic initial changes that THEY think should be made.  Small gradual changes yield better results.  Think of the ship captain who sets off for distant lands.  He charts his course, making small changes along the way a few degrees here a few degrees there until ultimately he ends up at the desired destination in due time.  Imagine what would happen if our Captain made all of his changes at once?

One of my more recent clients is someone who had lost 100 pounds on her own before she came to me.   After being faced with a couple of very stressful life challenges, she decided that changes needed to be made to chart a new course in her life.  She knew that lasting change would take place slowly and require a shift in thoughts and opinions about food, exercise and self-care.  After making changes and yielding some results on her own, a neighbor (who happened to be a client of mine) referred her to me for guidance on making more impactful changes.

We started a functional strength training program, added intervals to keep her HR between the fat burning and cardio training zones.  We beefed up her nutrition plan (yes we added grass-fed beef) with better foods and more quality calories more suited for her active / athletic new lifestyle.  Key Point ~ much of her initial weight loss was from a fad “Diet” which true to form … worked for a period of time to drop weight, but was not sustainable for long-term healthy living.  To her credit; I admire the courage and trust it took for her to put aside her beliefs and opinions in order to take on what I was teaching.

This client has made great progress. She is stronger, has much better muscle tone and stamina, better balance and endurance, and a much healthier relationship with food!  Most importantly, the vast improvements are in the intangibles.  The things that can’t be measured by scale, calipers, tape measure or even pictures.  It’s the attitude, the confidence and improved sense of self that goes with making the decision and choice to Change yourself From The Inside … Out!


“Dare To Believe” ~ Damian Fisher




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