Calories in … Calories out!

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I’ve heard this refrain for decades ” eat less than you burn and you’re sure to lose weight”.

Here are a few points that are sadly left out of this piece of widely popular “advice”.

The truth is; depending on Gender, Age, Fitness level and Weight … “eating less than you burn” can actually slow down your metabolism and make you store fat!

Here’s how and why!  Let’s start with a glossary of terms:

Basal Metabolic Rate.  The amount of calories that your body requires each day just to maintain normal functions of life … not including any physical activity or exercise.  This is measured in kcal / day.

Body Mass Index.  This number is the ratio of your height to your weight.  The BMI chart will list you as Underweight, Healthy, Overweight, Obese or Very Obese.

Body Mass. Your Body Weight.

Body Fat Percentage.  The…

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