Meal Replacement Drink recipe

Let’s start by differentiating a Protein Drink, Energy Drink and Meal Replacement Drink. Protein Drink – Contains The Macronutrient Protein.  Four (4) calories per gram.  Most products offer 100 calorie servings – powder or pre mixed carton. Protein is used by the body for tissue repair.  For example to rebuild muscle tissue.  It is a […]

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Change From The Inside … Out

We’re approaching the time of year when I see an uptick in the amount of people who want to change their bodies and maybe their lifestyles … immediately ! Lasting change occurs slowly and gradually.  Adopting a new lifestyle that you can maintain; is a process. So often, new clients are impatient because I don’t […]

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Calories in … Calories out!

I’ve heard this refrain for decades ” eat less than you burn and you’re sure to lose weight”. Here are a few points that are sadly left out of this piece of widely popular “advice”. The truth is; depending on Gender, Age, Fitness level and Weight … “eating less than you burn” can actually slow […]

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It’s O.K. to need guidance!

Sometimes it takes more than just sheer strength or self-will to accomplish our goals. There are times when we are hard on ourselves because we believe that we should be able to do a particular “something”. whatever that “something” may be. We cannot be great at everything! Every successful person that I have met or […]

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